Printed USBs for Online Store Promotion

There are millions of online stores on the internet at the moment and competition is just as fierce on the web as it is for conventional stores, especially in these times of economic uncertainty. Despite growth in consumer confidence, shopping online stills trails well behind more conventional methods of shopping and it is essential that online stores employ marketing methods to promote their sites in the same way as any other store does.

A prerequisite is that your site is secure and encrypted and that you use as many methods as possible to ensure that your site is high in the search engine rankings; but it is not only on the internet that your store needs to be promoted slot online. More and more website addresses are being advertised on television because SEO is not enough to attract the volume of customers that online store owners need to make their businesses sustainable. Other sites are offering promotional gifts as a way to attract new customers and influence repeat business from existing users.

One of the most popular and appropriate promotional products to give away with an online order is the USB flash drive bearing the name of the store, website address and any other relevant contact details on the casing. Printed USBs and other computer accessories are absolutely fantastic incentives to encourage new and repeat business from computer users because you know that they will be appropriate, useful and welcomed by consumers who shop online.

You might even consider giving two away with each order “one for the customer and one for his friend”. In this way your customer will promote your store for you by giving away the extra printed USB as a gift to a friend or colleague.

Advertising your online store via television is more effective if you are on the shopping channels but in regular viewing times it will be less effective, unless you launch a very long campaign with regular slots. Most people watch television in their lounges or bedrooms to relax and these are not necessarily places where a notepad and pen are immediately to hand. By the time they have gone off to look for something to write a website address down with, the advertisement is finished and they have to wait for the next time it appears. So it is really a bit “hit and miss.” However, both these methods of TV promotion are really expensive in comparison to utilising printed USBs and other promotional products, from which you will achieve better results because your market is targeted and not random

As the world becomes increasingly connected socially and economically, demand for English language tuition has grown in line with the language’s global reach. From business people to students, nurses to diplomats, English is the most widely used ‘lingua franca’ in international relations, and as such, learning English is a high priority throughout the world. The ability to teach and learn the English language online has been facilitated by the rise of widespread, free to use, high-end video streaming applications and hardware, and the world is turning on to this new method of training delivery.

Merging video streaming software like Skype with the now standard high-spec webcams means that online video conferencing is free, easy to use, and of high enough quality to use commercially. This takes care of the face-to-face needs of students and teachers, and whilst it’s not the same as seeing each other in person, the visual cues and biofeedback necessary for communication are there, and the learning process can take place. The online experience has all the same basic characteristics of normal English teaching, with video conferencing taking care of the live classroom aspect, and specially designed websites filling the gap traditionally filled by libraries or study rooms – specially designed resource centres where the student and teacher can communicate about coursework, work on their language tasks and be graded. Together, resource-filled websites and video conferencing provide all the elements necessary for English to be taught and learned and, in many ways, this personalised experience can be more efficient and targeted than traditional on-location language tuition.

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