Essential Information for Employers of Security Guards

As an employer, the security guards you hire are your acting agents. Not only are they there to administer and sometimes enforce security matters for your place of business, they also represent your company residential security services in London. As such, any mistakes they make on the job are your responsibility which is a potential liability concern. The following are a few recommendations you should follow to help ensure that the guards you employ perform their duties as safely and as effectively as possible:

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Security Guard Licensing – Most states require that security guards are legally licensed. If you are caught employing an unlicensed guard, you could be subject to large fines and other penalties by your state. When you fill a position, photocopy the guard’s security guard license, ID and job application to keep in your files. Also, confirm with your state agency that the license in question is currently valid. It is not uncommon for guard applicants to submit fake licensing documentation to employers.

Employment Screening – Most states require security guard license applicants to pass a criminal background check. This, however, is nothing you should ever take for granted. Before you hire a new guard, run your own employee background check and pre-employment drug screening test just to be sure.

Security Guard Training – Some states have mandatory security guard training, while others do not. As an employer it is essential that your guard is properly trained for the duties they are assigned. Do you want them to perform citizen’s arrests? If so, be extremely careful and make sure they are trained thoroughly as to the proper legal procedures they must follow.

Lawsuits resulting from unlawful detainments and even injuries are a frequent consequence of inadequately trained security guards overstepping their authority. For this reason, many employers feel that the primary function of security personnel is to act as a deterrent and to “observe and report” any incidents they witness instead of performing active arrests or interventions of criminal activity.

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