Andros Island Bahamas

The Andros Island in the Bahamas is an archipelago within the nation. It is the largest of all the Bahamian Islands, covering more land than all of the other seven hundred combined. Because of its large size, Andros Island is considered a separate island. As a result, it has its own unique cultural heritage and is a wonderful destination for a vacation. Read on to learn more about Andros Island and what makes this destination so unique.

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The west coast of Andros Island features a beautiful chain of inlets, channels, and bays. Deep blue ocean colors contrast with turquoise waters. Andros’ westernmost peninsula is home to West Side National Park, which is home to the largest protected area in the Caribbean. Its pristine coastal wetlands and rich fauna provide ideal habitat for a wide variety of species including the endangered West Indian flamingo. andros island bahamas Here, you’ll experience true island charm, without the crowds.

Andros Island is home to 40 species of wild orchids, endemic birds, and migrating butterfly populations. The island’s population is approximately 6,000 and most live on the east coast. Fresh Creek, one of the islands’ main towns, once attracted the “Rat Pack” and Sammy Davis, Jr., and now has a thriving tourism industry. But it’s not just the island’s natural beauty and wildlife that make this an ideal vacation destination.

The Blue Holes on Andros Island are water-filled cave systems that attract divers from around the world. In 1970, Jacques Cousteau filmed a video on Andros’ blue holes. The video is now included in the 2005 Cousteau video collection. This film reveals the secrets of the blue holes in both the ocean and the inland environment. Andros has been featured in National Geographic magazine numerous times over the last thirty years.

Because the island has abundant fresh water, Andros ships 7 million gallons of drinking water to Nassau every day. The capital, Nassau, ran out of fresh water long ago and now relies on this island’s water for survival. It’s important to note that these two islands are connected, and if any of them was to be affected, they would both suffer. However, that won’t stop tourism, so Andros and New Providence remain connected in the Bahamas.

While the people of Andros island don’t live in settlements on the island, the region is a booming tourist destination. The island is home to four airports and three official ports of entry. Andros is also home to the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC), and a factory that produces exquisite local design batik. The island’s lush tropical rainforests and blue holes make Andros a popular destination for fishing. With more than 100 miles of spectacular beaches, Andros is a popular destination among tourists and locals.

A visit to Morgan’s Bluff, located on the north end of Andros, is a great way to get a glimpse of the area’s pirate past. It’s also home to a lighthouse, named for famous pirate Henry Morgan. Andros has a number of other historic sites of interest, including a lighthouse and a cave containing treasures. If you’re planning a family vacation to the Bahamas, you should make time to explore the island’s lore.

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